Una Mulholland was born in 1973 and gre up in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.
She studies art in Lumerick and Belfast and then worked as a graphic designer in Belfast and Dublin for 8 years. Before moving to cadaqués, Spain in 2006 where she lives today. She discovered Cadaqués in 2003 when she attendend workshops held by visionary artist Robert Venosa and his wife Martina Hoffman.


Una uses the "mish" technique in her paintings. It is archived by using layers of coloured glaze over white paint wich is then reflected throug the layers of colour. Building up the highlights from the dark background gwes a cristalized effect to the painting, Her recent work mainly consists of famale protraits which wors included in the women for today project in 2009 and the Art Hybrids project in 2010.
The ART BUNKER PRODUCTIONS promotes actually her work around the world.


2011 Exposición Colectiva ART HIBRIDS // Galerie l.Echarpe (Toulouse)
2010 Exposición individual promocional ESPAI La Taverna // Cadaqués (Spain)
2009 Exposición W4T (Women For Today Project) // Sales d'expos Societat l'Amistat Cadaqués (Spain)
2009 Promoción Saatchi Gallery // (London)
2006 Exposición de artistas de Isla S'Arenella // Cadaqués (Spain)
2004 Exposición de artistas de Isla S'Arenella // Cadaqués (Spain)
1996 Brassierie Browns // Belfasf (IRLAND)

"Yo pinto lo que siento, es y pintase lo que he visto sería abstracto" ..

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